My Only


A story of love and death


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In My Only, you'll walk through a forest which is next to the cemetery where the protagonist's late wife is buried. Now, she roams and haunts the forest as a cursed ghost.

As you play, you'll have to find notes that are scattered around, trying to piece together the relationship between the protagonist and his late wife. In addition to these notes, you can pick flowers once you enter the cemetery. You'll also need to find keys to open doors to other areas.

At first, it might seem like My Only is just a pleasant walk, but you'll soon realize that's not the case. The ghost of the dead woman can be a little aggressive, and you might get hit by unexplained jets of water that come up from the ground and block your way.

My Only is a first-person adventure with a pretty retro look. As is usual for these kinds of horror games, My Only is sure to make you jump from time to time.
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